Comment Review on 2012 Education for all

2012 Education For All Comment Review

These are some of the response we got for out first workshop last year.

“Excellent, inspiring, informative, fantastic.”

“Every teacher should take this course. It should be mandatory.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed this workshop.”

“Excellent organization and strategies to keep teachers involved at all times; Tobago venue next.”

“Very well conducted because we could access all courses, well done to all coordinators.”

“Best local workshop that I ever attended.”

“I do not regret spending two weeks of vacation time as work. Thank you.”

“This course has provided me with amazing strategies and improved my understandings of how I can develop myself as a professional with the intention to help make the child enjoy learning.”

“I think this workshop was very benificial to me. I have a wealth of information to take back to my school. I would recommend that since we have done part [1] of this course, we should be permitted to complete parts [2] and [3] of it. \It should be made compulsory.

“This course should be offered at least twice a year to ensure the training of all eductors and stakeholders involved in education.”

“An enriching experience. I’ve learnt a lot and the professional connections were also excellent.”

“Workshop was relevant, I feel refreshed and revitalized”

“Very Effective, well organized. Should reap some great rewards in the classroom”

“A very informative and hands-on workshop. The instructional approaches were engaging and relevant”


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