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Membership Benefits


TTUTA members you are entitled to legal representation in all matters in defense of your job. The cost of such representation is borne by the Association. Few teachers are able to carry the cost of such litigation.

Legal Advice

Members can obtain sound legal advice on any matter relating to terms and conditions of service. Our Industrial Relations Department stands ready to provide this service.

Professional Development

Through Professional Development days, National Conventions, Seminars, Workshops and various courses, members are given the opportunity to improve themselves professionally. Principals to Assistant Teachers benefit from such activities. They are thus placed in a position to play a more pivotal role in the education system and in the development of our country.

Study Circle Programme

This programme is designed to educate the membership on:

Matters pertaining to TTUTA
Matters relating to the Teaching Service and Education System
Professional Development


Each year, TTUTA in conjunction with the government, offers scholarships for members to attend the Cipriani College of Labour and Cooperative Studies. They may either pursue courses in Labour Studies, Cooperative Studies or Occupational Safety and Health. TTUTA has designated these awards the McKensley Nathasingh Scholarships.


Members are entitled to a copy of the Association’s official organ, TUTOR. Teachers are encouraged to send articles to their newspaper through the editor, tutor@ttuta.org.

Discounts – Incentives To Members

Using your membership card you can obtain discounts from the businesses that have indicated their willingness to participate in this programme. Every two years a new booklet is delivered to members providing them with information on the participating businesses.


TTUTA members enjoy special rates on motor vehicle insurance through a Group Plan negotiated with a Maritime insurance company through M&M Brokers. Members also enjoy special rates on homes and their contents. Members who do not own their own homes can insure the contents of their dwelling places. The rates we enjoy as a group can see members saving hundreds of dollars.

Sporting Activities

The Association organises Inter District competitions such as Windball Cricket, All Fours, Netball and Football. The Association also simultaneously holds a 10K event and a 1 Lap Savannah race every year in the month of January.

Anniversary Celebrations

This event is held in the month of March or April each year. Members have a standing invitation. At this event, retirees are honoured.

Family Day

Every year TTUTA organises a fun Family Day for members and their families in the month of May. Each year a different district hosts the event. Members and their families are therefore presented with the opportunity to travel to different areas of the country and socialize with their colleagues.

Month of the Teacher

October is designated Month of the Teacher. The Association plans and executes several programmes during this period. Highlights include:

Observation of World Teachers’ Day
District Conventions on the second Friday
Annual Conference of Delegates
The naming of the Frank B. Seepersad Teacher of the Year Award.


The Frank B. Seepersad Teacher of the Year Award is an annual award to a TTUTA member who has contributed significantly to the Association, to education and to society.

The Urich Loutoo Award consists of bursaries awarded to three students attending the University of the West Indies on a full-time basis and whose parents are members of TTUTA.

Attendance at Meetings

All members are free to attend meetings of the General Council, Conference of Delegates, District Staff Representatives’ meetings and Staff Representatives’ Conventions. However, only bonafide members of these bodies are allowed to vote.


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