Staff Rep Elections


To ensure that this election is conducted in accordance with our Constitution, we have set out the basic procedures governing the election of Staff Representatives. :

1. Rule 8.2 states, inter alia:

  • – (I) “Each school is entitled to proportionate representation on the District Staff Representative Association In accordance with the following scale:

1-20 financial members – one (1) representative
21- 50 financial members – two (2) representatives more than 50 financial members – three (3) representatives”

  • – (II) “The principal of each school, or some other person designated by the staff, shall forward to the General Secretary the names of those elected”
  • – (III) “Within each school in the month of April each year, the financial members of the Association shall elect their Staff Representative(s). The members may decide on the manner of holding this election.”

2. Only members who are in good financial standing are eligible to vote or to hold office. A financial listing can be obtained, on request, from our offices.

3. Staff Representatives normally hold office for a period of one (1) year (April to April). It is not automatic that incumbent Staff Representatives continue in office without being re-elected. However, it should be noted:

  • – A Staff Representative shall continue to hold office until a new Staff Representative is elected;
  • – There is no limit to the number of terms of office of a Staff Representative.

4. Seven (7) days’ notice of the election should be given to members of TTUTA on the staff. Such notice should be in writing and state date, time and place of the meeting.

5. The Association makes a special appeal for the cooperation of Principals / Vice-Principals in the conduct of the Staff Representative elections. For Junior Secondary Schools, which have been de-shifted – it should be noted that, consistent with the intent of 2 above, there can only be one set of Staff Representatives, based on the formula provided at 1. (I).

Staff Rep Elections

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Calculation of Pension & Gratuity (pdf) This is the Calculation of Pension & Gratuity Booklet. Click the link to download. Grievance Report Template (pdf) This is the Grievance Report Template. Click the link to download Staff Rep Self Test (pdf) This is the Staff Rep Self Test. Click the link to download Grievance Handling Checklist (pdf) This is the Grievance Handling Checklist. Click the link to download
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