Frequently asked Questions

1. What are the requirements when retiring?

a. The following documents must be submitted

  • Birth Certificate
  • Marriage certificate (females only)
  • Letter of Confirmation
  • Completed Application for Retirement form

b. The following must be completed

  • Income tax for the last six (6) years of work.
  • NIS payments should be up to date.

2. How do I calculate my Pension and Gratuity?

Gratuity = last salary x No. of months service x 12 x 12.5
600 x 4

Monthly Pension= last salary x No. of months service x 12 x 12.5

3. What are the ways to leave the Teaching Service?

The following are the modes of leaving the service:

  • Normal retirement
  1. Compulsory at age 60
  2. At the teachers discretion at age 55
  3. With permission from the Teaching Service Commission at age 50
  • Medically unfit – the teacher must have at least ten (10) years service and have been examined by the medical board and declared unfit for service.
  • On the grounds of marriage.
  1. The teacher must hold a permanent appointment for five (5) years
  2. The teacher must have been employed in the service before 14th August, 1997.
  3. Only a Gratuity would be paid to the teacher using the calculation above.
  • Resignation
  1. The teacher must have served continuously for at least ten (10) years
  2. The teacher will receive pension and gratuity at age fifty – five.
  • Death
  1. The salary for the month in which the teacher dies. Gratuity as calculated above will be paid to the estate.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Calculation of Pension & Gratuity (pdf) This is the Calculation of Pension & Gratuity Booklet. Click the link to download. Grievance Report Template (pdf) This is the Grievance Report Template. Click the link to download Staff Rep Self Test (pdf) This is the Staff Rep Self Test. Click the link to download Grievance Handling Checklist (pdf) This is the Grievance Handling Checklist. Click the link to download
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