Industrial Relations

The Industrial Relations Department performs the core function of the Association and is the department which deals with all matters related to terms and conditions of service.

The Department is headed by the 2nd Vice-President of the Association who is the Chairman of the Industrial Relations Committee (IRC) which is the chief negotiating Committee of the Association.

The IRC of which the Tobago Officer and the Education and Research are members, is responsible for the handling of all grievances submitted to the Association on behalf of financial members of the Association.

The Policy of the Association is as far as possible to seek amicable solutions in resolving issues with the other stakeholders in education.

Apart from the 2nd Vice-President the department complement of three Industrial Relations officers are involved in the day to day running of the department, the handling of grievances and meeting with various ministry officials in an effort to resolve outstanding matters.

The department is also actively involved in research in order to promote and improve the not just the terms and conditions of teacher but the entire Education System of Trinidad and Tobago.

Industrial Relations

IR Downloads
Calculation of Pension & Gratuity (pdf) This is the Calculation of Pension & Gratuity Booklet. Click the link to download. Grievance Report Template (pdf) This is the Grievance Report Template. Click the link to download Staff Rep Self Test (pdf) This is the Staff Rep Self Test. Click the link to download Grievance Handling Checklist (pdf) This is the Grievance Handling Checklist. Click the link to download
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